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 I have a question for you. How well do you actually know the person nearest to you at this very moment in time? Before you rush to answer please take a second and really think about it, because, on the face of things, your surroundings count.

See, some of you will be surrounded by people you have no intimate knowledge of whatsoever, perhaps you're commuting via our public transport system, a predicament where just about anybody has been and is placed within touching distance of you, and I do literally mean just about anyone. On the other hand, perhaps you prefer to travel more isolated, secure, seemingly at least, in your own private vehicle. It in itself secured on all sides by other, unpredictable isolationists, vying for your position.

Frightening no? The situations we are willing to put ourselves in daily, travelling with bonafide strangers, walking the streets with utter unknowns, ultimately bringing one of them into our lives to join those who have been since birth.

That's why I asked you to really think about my question at the top, the person nearest you isn't measured by distance but by trust, trust in the things we know, unequivocally about them, and that alone separates a world of randoms from the person or person's nearest your, trust; but remember, that's all it is, trust.

Now one final question if I may, how far would you go to test your trust in the people closest to you?

In The AlleyMan no length is seemingly too far for Oscar Hyde, a young man rocked to his core by the sudden and mysterious disappearance of his father, before being struck again by the claims of a peculiar medium, hell-bent on convincing Oscar that his father was never the man the young Hyde thought he was.

Inspired by the Giallo genre, The AlleyMan tells a brutal tale spanning decades, featuring what would be most prolific and deadly serial killer in American history,

The AlleyMan.

The debut novel from C. J. McDonagh is certainly not for the faint of heart, however, even through the gaps of your fingers, The AlleyMan is an outstanding tale that will test your resolve to it’s limits in pursuit of the truth and the reality of the world beneath the one we see day today.

The AlleyMan will be available from all major retailers next year.